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Company news
Company news
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Heat Transfer Gifts
hits:504   Updatetime:2013-11-9 16:56:07
A heat transfer product is the perfect choice for holiday gift, because it allows you to customize a DIY project as favor. There are various kinds of heat transfer gifts you can get.
Pillow Cases – I love the idea using heat transfer paper for pillowcases to take to sleepover parties when it’s a bit hard to keep track of your pillow after the pillow fights. It’s not only great to do this for your own kids but also they can help create special designs for their friends. What a great gift!

Grocery Tote Bag – With everyone being more conscience of the environment that we are leaving to our children, let us help by doing our part. Grandparents will love having a special designed tote from their Grandchildren using heat transfer paper that they personalized. A large washable cotton tote with a design created with heat transfer paper that can be used to carry groceries, knitting, reading materials or any items with come in very useful.

Drinking Mug –Using heat transfer paper for hard surfaces you can simply create a unique drinking mug with special personality. I believe everyone receives the mug will be so happy and thankful. This kind of heat transfer mug gets images that worth to remember.

These simple crafts with your special design on paper and later transferred onto a transfer product are perfect idea gifts for sure. Having created a personalized holiday gift using hot new heat transfer paper products will not only help your spending budget but it will also be a big hit for any of your special people on your list!
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