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The Kamado-Style Grill
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Kamado grills are probably some of the most recognizable grills on the market. Although the name applies to a traditional Japanese grill/oven, most Americans are going to be familiar with the kamado grill as an egg-shaped outdoor grill. As a competitor of the iron charcoal grill, the kamado grill is made of a ceramic material that regulates heat more steadily than a metal grill. You may be wondering, however, is this style of grill simply different, or is there something else about the grill that makes it a clear choice over other grills?

As mentioned above, the kamado grill is made of what westerners would consider a nontraditional material. Nevertheless, kamado grills are just grills, and they are not intended to perform any spectacular feats that a metal domed charcoal or gas grill can't do, although an argument can be made for the quality of the food made. The kamado grill does try to get the best of both other grill styles as the oblong shape of the grill offers multiple cooking surfaces in a small space, depending on the model you buy.

When you look at the physical construction of a kamado grill, you will notice that even the bottom line options have more care put into them than most metal-body grills. The durable ceramic construction of the kamado is its major selling point, and you will notice that most grills of this variety use high quality metals where metals are necessary. The legs, brackets, vents, and handles of a kamado grill are made with thick powder-coat steel. This makes the grill's look and feel to be of a higher quality level than most metal dome charcoal grills. This metal accenting is not unwarranted, however, as investing in a kamado grill can be expensive.

As stated above, a major selling point of kamado grills is the authentic charcoal-grilled taste they produce. Kamado grills are space efficient and accommodate small back porches and patios nicely since they are both tall enough to provide multi-level grilling and do not require space-hogging propane tanks. Kamado grill companies also brag simpler cleaning than both gas and metal-body grills.

A kamado grill is not a beginner's grill. Even the price of cheap kamados tends to be in the upper-hundreds and often reaching the thousands range. Beyond that, these grills require a more experienced grillmaster to operate properly. Even if you consider yourself a competent and skilled grillmaster, this grill may still present a challenge as the heat is more difficult to regulate than in a fast heating and cooling metal bowl grill, and it's certainly harder to regulate than in a gas grill.
Kamado grills are mainly intended for grill-a-holics and grill connoisseurs. Since the kamado is simply a grill, it doesn't do anything revolutionary or amazing. Its truer taste will likely attract those with refined grill palates. However, most grillers, especially casual grillers, may be better suited to a gas or metal grill.

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